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Fr Dougherty Book Review The Remnant

The Remnant Book Review


The Rite of Sodomy – Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church 

By Randy Engel




Reviewed by Fr. Eugene J. Dougherty


This book shows that sodomy existed “per omnia secula saeculorum”.  Engel begins her chronology with a historical perspective through antiquity, the Early Church, the Renaissance, the rise of Homosexuality in the Modern State – and finally, in our own United States today.

This book contains explicit language to describe certain homosexual practices and acts about which the author’s introduction warns us: “By any standard, this book is not for the faint of heart.”  But it is necessary to describe these homosexual actions to impress on us what homosexuals actually do.  Nowadays, the homosexual movement wants to focus attention only on the homosexual person as a member of a “repressed” or “discriminated” class rather than the perniciousness of their actions, a vice condemned in Sacred Scripture and accepted for centuries.  As Engel puts it, “Homosexuals have been transformed into an oppressed class with rights…The Sodomite is no longer one who commits habitual sin, but one who has a special nature.”

Is it necessary to name names, as Engel does, in showing the “Homosexualization of the Amchurch?”  Engel believes it is necessary to name names if she is to substantiate her charge of “intergenerational homosexuality” within the Church.  The persons named play an important role in the rise of homosexuality within the Catholic Church and are responsible for the phenomena (i.e., passing it on to other generations).  Such prominent church figures mentioned are:

Francis Cardinal Spellman of New York, John Cardinal  Wright of Boston, Joseph (I am your brother) Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago, and Pope Paul VI as having played an important role in the rise of homosexuality within the Catholic Church in modern times.

“The major premise of this book is that the infiltration and colonization of the seminary, priesthood and Church by the Gay Liberation Movement poses a serious threat to the life of the Church.”  Engel points out that there is a network of homosexuals in the Church much like a spiderweb that enmeshes entire seminaries and dioceses (Like the Bloomsbury-apostle Spies infesting the British Secret Service!).

Did I like the book?  I practically read the book twice. First, consulting the excellent index, I picked out all the villains I knew, especially the one who gave us the Nervous Ordo Mass, and then I read the book cover to cover nonstop, day after day, and I was sorry when it came to an end.  The book is up to date, including recent news about Father Maciel, the founder of the Legionaries of Christ and Father Urrutigoity, the founder of the Society of St. John, who corrupted the St. Gregory Academy.  (Remember all the slick begging letters he sent us for the Society of St. John and the New City of God!)

Who should read it?  One bishop reminded me of the sin of “detraction”—another way of saying “Let’s have a cover-up and not tell anyone about the big COVER-UP by US bishops.  You know, Nihil de mortuis misi bonum…bonehead.”

Who should read it?  Every bishop, every rector of a seminary, and every one of the People of God, that is, those who will not be scandalized by the content.  As Dr. David Allen White wrote about Tom Wolfe’s recent novel:  “It is shocking and should only be read by serious adults who are aware that there are scenes in it that go beyond the bounds of good taste and decency.”

In reviewing Randy Engel’s book, “The McHugh Chronicles-Who Betrayed the Pro-life movement?”  I concluded by saying:  “If this is true, she should be given a medal, if not, she should go to jail.”  The same goes for this, her new fifteen year Magnum Opus!