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Anne McGinn Cillis





Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church


By Randy Engel



Reviewed by Anne McGinn Cillis

Canadian Author

Franciscan Tertiary



Consider your dignity, O Brothers who are priests, and be holy because Our Lord Jesus Christ is holy… and as the Lord God has honoured you above all through this mystery, even so, do you honour, love and reverence Him above all. It is a great misery and deplorable weakness when you have Him thus present, to care for anything else in the whole world. Let the entire man be seized with fear; let the whole world tremble; let Heaven exult when Christ the son of the living God is on the altar in the hands of the priest. O admirable height, and stupendous condescension! O humble sublimity! O sublime humility! The Lord of the universe… hides Himself under a morsel of bread. Consider, Brothers, the humility of God, and pour out your hearts before Him and be humbled that by Him you may be exalted. Do not therefore keep back anything of yourselves, that He may receive you entirely who gives Himself entirely for you.

          Saint Padre Pio

                                                                                  Excerpt from address to priests, 1962



This beautiful and providential passage from a speech by Saint Padre Pio (1887–1968) in 1962, the same year that saw the opening of the Second Vatican Council in Rome (1962-1965), addresses eloquently the glory and the sublimity of the ordained Roman Catholic priesthood. It most appropriately should set the tone for the worldwide readership in the English language that this newly released blockbuster book deserves.


Saint Padre Pio places before us the transcendent and glorious personus of what Almighty God intended the Roman Catholic priesthood to be. Readers should keep in mind this passage, as they travel the many pages of this fascinating book.


John McCaffery, author of The Friar of San Giovanni: Tales of Padre Pio, a friend of this reviewer, and a close friend of Padre Pio once told me this story. McCaffery asked Padre Pio, “what is your greatest suffering? Is it the Stigmata?” “No!” Padre answered immediately, and almost angrily. “It is the Catholic clergy!”


The Rite of Sodomy - Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church by the well-known American Catholic author, Randy Engel, a lifelong professional investigative journalist and a high-profile activist in the American Pro-Life Movement, is a stunning breakthrough in the murky world of clerical scandals, successful cover-ups of same by publicly prominent hierarchical figures, and the growing anger, even rage, of decent Catholics and others, forced to face a united and callous front of scorn and even derision, directed towards the thousands of clerical abuse victims, predominantly young adolescent boys, who have become the choice target of the burning, unnatural lust that in Biblical times, brought down the historical torrent of fire from heaven, that destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.


Author Engel originally embarked upon the monumental project of this book, driven by love of children, and compassion for the countless innocent victims of clerical and hierarchical sexual abuse, whose lives have been savaged, and whose physical, psychological and spiritual sufferings have been callously swept aside and entrapped under ecclesiastical carpets.


The book contains 1318 pages, 4,538 end-notes, (these are “footnotes” that follow each of the nineteen chapters, in order to facilitate a smooth reading of the narrative), quotes from over 350 authors, and a full Index. Randy Engel has done more than her homework, and readers will gasp at the extent and thoroughness of her meticulous research. This was accomplished over a doggedly investigative period, of over fifteen years, and the resulting pages of this spectacular work, reflect, in every aspect, the very high degree of credibility her massive research reveals.


Engel’s name is not new to Catholic (and other) readership, around the globe.


Her highly successful critique of mandatory Sex Education programs in Catholic schools (often masked under the deliberately misleading title of “Family Life”) and in public schools (usually relegated to the teaching jurisdiction of hygiene and “wellness” courses associated with Athletics and Physical Education) throughout the late 60’s, into the 70’s, and now unabashedly even more pornographically oriented and detailed in contemporary schools, is entitled Sex Education -The Final Plague.


Human Life International originally published this book in 1989. It was later republished by the world-renowned Catholic publishing house of TAN Books (under the direction of Thomas A. Nelson: “TAN”) in Rockford, Illinois, in 1994, where it has established itself as a classic Catholic reference book on one of the furthest-reaching and most disgusting evils emanating from the now widely-debated “agenda” of Vatican Council II.


Sex Education – The Final Plague, translated into Polish by Alexandra Slowik and published by Antyk-Marcin Dybowski in Gdansk and Warsaw in 1998, is well-known all over Eastern Europe.


Anyone, who, over the past forty-plus years since the close of the Council in 1965, has, in the interests of preserving innocence, purity, and therefore decency in Catholic (and other) children, by taking up publicly, the torch of righteousness, justice and charity, and who failed to have these school courses removed from the curricula in Catholic (parochial) schools, by appealing to the (deaf) ears of local bishops in every country, will now learn why they could not succeed in their crusades to dismantle and trash these un-Christian abominations.


Sex Education in the schools directed towards innocent young children, was mandated in by “the spirit of Vatican II.”


This was part of a Masonic agenda to destroy traditional Catholic morality at the grassroots level, and act as a pre-requisite to the enforcing of false ecumenism (thoroughly condemned by pre-Vatican II Popes) on millions of the unsuspecting, in preparation to change the nearly 2000-year-old traditional Catholic Church into a totally different syncretic entity, as part of a satanic revolution aptly named by Joseph Ratzinger as a thoroughly-indoctrinated liberal Cardinal, when he described the Second Vatican Council as “the 1789 of the Catholic Church.”


(The French Revolution of 1789, one of the bloodiest and most vicious revolutions in world history, was spawned by Freemasonry and executed by atheists and “freethinkers,” whose targets, the Altar and the Throne, were later the demolition objectives of militant atheistic Communism, worldwide.)


An important note regarding the Sex Education agenda in elementary and secondary schools was the PLANNED and successful implementation of these programs, first of all, in CATHOLIC schools … in order that schools of the public system and Protestant-sponsored schools would follow suit. Since the Catholic Church for centuries had been reputed to teach a rigid moral code, and if their bishops and cardinals would accept and promote the classroom sex instruction, then obviously the whole world would be persuaded that these courses must be “salutary and beneficial” to children and youth.


Historically, this is exactly what happened.


In a 1968 interview in Hugh Hefner’s “Playboy” Magazine, Dr. Mary Calderone, the “Grand Dame” of Sex Education and foundress of the notorious organization known as SIECUS - the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (falsely presented under this title as a probable and therefore “credible” “government agency”) - stated that her objective in promoting classroom sex instruction was “to lower the age of sex enjoyment to children.”


Well, there you have it.


And in our present state, with widespread clerical scandals in the Catholic Church rocking the world, it can be safely assumed that many of the clerical sexual predators destroying the lives and the futures of our children and grandchildren, were themselves indoctrinated and “learned their craft,” in these early years in Catholic classrooms, and many, as this new Engel book reveals, were themselves, in their youth, victims of clerical pederasts.


As documented by Engel, many victims of clerical abuse including those who marry and have children of their own, exhibit disruptive familial and social behaviors. Negative, even fatal, repercussions of the vice are widespread and multi-faceted. Suicide and domestic violence including rape and murder abound. The homosexual “deathstyle” is tied to criminal elements with Society including illegal drug use, male prostitution, and pornography.


Author Randy Engel in The Rite of Sodomy has given readers a thoughtful, detailed, and very comprehensive overview of the history and ramifications of homosexuality and pederasty, and this provides a broad base for the detailed, exact, and well-researched facts concerning the present ever-expanding apparent social and political ‘power” of the “Homosexual Collective” within and without the Roman Catholic Church.


As stated in her Introduction, this book is NOT for the reading by children, nor, this reviewer might add, by those involved in “Catholic” organizations and networks which falsely counsel “silence” regarding the burgeoning crop of sexual scandals involving priests and bishops.


The great mystic and Doctor of the Church, Saint Catherine of Siena, has this to say about “silence”:


We’ve had enough exhortations to be silent! Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues. I see that the world is rotten because of silence!


The Rite of Sodomy appears, in every way, to “cry out”, in perfect conformity with the passionate complaint of a great and revered Saint of the Catholic Church.

And then there is that startling prophecy made in the 15th century by Saint Nicholas of Flue, the Patron Saint of Switzerland:

The Church will be punished because the majority of her members, high and low, will become perverted. The Church will sink deeper and deeper until she will at last seem to be extinguished, and the succession of Peter and the other Apostles to have expired. But, after this, she will be exalted.


Even the title of this book The RITE of Sodomy has a most ominous significance. The “priestly predatory collective” if we may call it that, is so totally perverted in its thinking processes, that it considers the practice of this vice a “religious rite.” (!!!) How many sodomized young altar boys have been told by the priest to whom they have looked up, admired, and innocently respected, that, “Now you are one of US!” — this, after they have been brutally ravished and damaged for life, and this as though the revolting and psyche-shattering experience were a sacred rite of passage into a select and elite group of chosen souls? (And probably, the only ones “going to Heaven”…).


And these devastating experiences have been, more often than not, prefaced by the “grooming” ritual, not only of the victims, but also of the victims’ families, making, for instance, a friend of the mother, especially if the father is deceased, ill, absent, or of unstable character, the intent of which being, if the victim were to “blab,” the mother would defend the priest, and the child would not be believed.


How many of these savaged little boys have been told that they now have “a particular friendship” with their deviant priestly sexual abuser? Watch out. This phrase is a dead give-away. And beware of priests who demonstrate a fixation, or questionable and visible emotional “attachment” to a male youngster, especially one encountered in any frequency, on the sanctuary.


Is it any wonder that in the case histories of victims delineated in the Engel book, these victims often remained silent for years, only coming forward when other victims have been brave enough to surface, as adult men, to confront their abusers, even in the public arena of press and courtroom?


And, what cannot be ignored, has been the forced acceptance by the laity of the rotten “Vatican II Catechesis” deliberately designed to pave the way for the equally-enforced implementation of the ultimate evil agenda of false ecumenism, and the final (planned) absorption of all things formerly Catholic, into the “Counterchurch” as part of a projected one-world-religion without faith and without dogma.


A prime example of this part of “victimhood” has been this reviewer’s homeland, Canada.


In Canada, the “new” Catechism promulgated upon our unfortunate country in the wake of Vatican II directives, and based on the heretical Dutch Catechism, was called, ironically enough, COME TO THE FATHER.


Was this, possibly, a double-entendre?


Was this title really referring to God the Father, “Who art in Heaven”, or to “Father Barry” or “Father Phoneyboy” or “Monsignor Paddy”? Certainly, the title of the series doesn’t in any way suggest that children should come to their own fathers since the “New Evangelization” of the young in the post-conciliar era has fiercely focused on the “rights” of children and youth, but never on their duties and/or responsibilities. These young people, of course, constitute the future for a one-world government and a one-world religion that the Vatican is espousing today especially in its highly visible love affair with the United Nations.


There is, in fact, a very obvious proclivity, now on the part of some “traditional” priests who operate under the cover of the Ecclesia Dei “Indult” of 1984, which “allows” the (never –“forbidden”) Latin Tridentine Mass of Catholic liturgical history, to substitute themselves for the legitimate authority of the parents. Such priests try to separate the little darlings from the “dangerous influence” of their parents and grandparents (who might be subject to pre-Vatican II paralysis of the brain) or any adult over the age of 35 which, for the record, is the “cut-off” age for attending World Youth Days. Anyone older than 35 is now considered a menace, a rejected “remnant” of old-style Catholicism,   a veritable disease with said infection attributed to some kind of earlier faulty home training.


And didn’t Pope John Paul II call the poor truth-defrauded youngsters living it up to blasts of rock music and wild physical contact at his World Youth Days, “the light of the world”? In contrast, older folks were always taught and always believed that “Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.”


And didn’t Pope John Paul II’s predecessor, Pope Paul VI, call the United Nations, “Our only hope for peace” while both these popes and their two immediate predecessors systematically ignored the Fatima demand from Heaven that Russia be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as a condition for “Peace on earth?”


“Come to the Father,” indeed!


Many of these seemingly peripheral facts which I have included in this review illustrate why The Rite of Sodomy is not only a necessary and highly enlightening piece of contemporary literature, but also a well-researched book that rests on an unquestionable foundation, surreptitiously, but very firmly carved in stone, years ago.


Disgruntled Catholics (and others) the world over, in the wake of an ever-expanding number of clerical sex abuse cases coming to the fore after years of secrecy, are asking “What of the vow of celibacy” that Catholic priests and religious for centuries have been obliged to take and to honour?

Well, the clerical predators of the young and helpless, can well answer this, and so they have.


“Celibacy only means that you cannot go after women. It doesn’t say anything about men and young boys.”

What possible commentary can be made on this kind of mental aberration?


The violation of celibacy by the clerical and hierarchical  “Homosexual Collective” is considered some kind of “Holy Act.” Their rationale is that “Homosexuality is a great gift of God, Who blesses its every function”(!!!)


Such theological and doctrinal blasphemy has cast a long and deep shadow over the historical TRUTH that Christianity is the one religion that has reclaimed countless members of the human race from barbarism, and its acceptance nationally in countries, has led to economic progress and prosperity. Its framework of moral rectitude, if followed, provides honesty and peaceful relations with others, and inevitably, human progress. Nations that have rejected Christianity are prominent among the undeveloped.


And one can consciously infer by reading The Rite of Sodomy that those who applaud, belong to, or endorse the “Homosexual Collective” have outrightly rejected Christianity. There is a spiritual battle going on that exceeds the torments of the Catacomb era. Virgin martyrs were tortured and died, rather than submit to the unchaste sexual advances of pagans including Roman emperors. Today, “virgins” – male and female - have virtually disappeared — and they have not been “martyred.”


The paradox today, is that while rejecting the basic tenets of Christian belief, including the Ten Commandments, many prominent clerical and secular homosexual personalities insist upon declaring themselves to be practicing Catholics, or at least Christians. They have demanded, and in many cases succeeded, in becoming fully integrated into “Catholic” churches, seminaries and religious orders, thanks to the “blessing” of their homosexual pastor or bishop or religious superior. 


Concerning the latter, that is, homosexual members of the Catholic hierarchy and heads of religious orders, author Engel, documents that they abound. Many have been identified in this book, by name, with well researched, detailed histories.


Shocking? Of course! The Rite of Sodomy should be read sitting down.


Engel’s “textbook” is divided into five sections, each one of which is a mini-book in itself. The entire volume is a definite, carefully chronicled documentation of facts - naming names- and reinforced by the thousands of endnotes (footnotes) and covers entire historical periods.


The author has covered her subject from ancient times, throughout all the periods of human history, up to the present. And she has delineated “the present” by numerous carefully documented histories of genuine cases, naming the hierarchical culprits, with date and place of birth, names of parents, early childhood, institutions of education, ordination dates (by whom, and where), consecration dates of bishops, assignments to dioceses, and the explicit cases of numerous victims, identified by name, court appearances, where, when, and why, and names and sordid deeds of the perpetrators including more than thirty American bishops and cardinals.


The “mystery” of why nearly all bishops of dioceses where victims of clerical sexual abuse have surfaced, have continued to hide perpetrators, appears to be finally solved in this amazing work, by the documented revelations that many bishops and cardinals are themselves pederasts and homosexuals, and therefore, they rightly fear public exposure of their own nefarious sexual exploits if they crack down on  their fellow clerical  sodomites. 


There should be no fear among Catholics that this book in delineating the entire nauseous problem of this rampant (and presently accelerating) scandalous era, will play into the hands of those who hate the Catholic Church, and will therefore provide them with further ammunition for their enmity.  No!


These exposures should only provide a contrast to what the Catholic Church IS and has always been, from the time of its founding by Our Lord, Jesus Christ.


The moral upheaval emanating from Vatican II, and existent in other eras as well, although not as vicious as that seen today, only reinforces the Divine Origin of the Church, which has survived with its beautiful dogmas and teachings, its immense spiritual characteristics and influence, its power and impact upon the whole world, its veritable army of its saints and martyrs, its illustrious historical Popes, its mystics, its “other worldly” mission (that of leading souls to Heaven) and its comfort and security for millions of people. If the Catholic Church evolved only from the machinations of mankind, it would have been finished centuries ago.


The Society of man is on the eve of the most terrible scourges, and of the greatest events…Mankind must expect to be ruled from the chalice of the wrath of God…

Our Lady of La Salette,

September 19, 1846


Over the many centuries of its existence, the Church has always had enemies, and has had to deal with heresies, corruption among its members, high and low, political intrigues and outright physical attacks. But the Providence of the Almighty has always seen to it, that the Blessed Virgin Mary, who gave Christ to a sinful world, appeared to humans at crucial times in this history - always with verifiable messages of comfort, warnings often, and love. One such appearance occurred at La Salette, a remote mountain place nestled in the French Alps in the Diocese of Grenoble near the town of Corps.


The two youthful witnesses to this apparition, which took place only once, on Saturday, September 19, 1846, were Melanie, a young girl of fourteen years, and Maximin, a young boy of eleven. They were shepherds and cowherds and were unlettered children. The vision described by the two children was that of a “most beautiful Lady”, who appeared, seated on a rock, with Her face in Her hands, and weeping.


Speaking to these children, the Lady told them that unless people would repent of their sins, She would be forced to let go the arm of Her Divine Son, because it had become so heavy. The arm of Her Son would chastise the world if She did not pray continually for the inhabitants of the earth, and try to restrain the just wrath of God which would punish these terrible sins. She confided a secret to each child, which they were not to divulge, although Melanie was given permission by Our Lady to make her secret public after 1858.


This appearance of Our Lady of La Salette in 1846 was authenticated by the Bishop of Grenoble, the Most Reverend Philibert de Brouillard, after numerous miracles and cures, and after four years of constant opposition to the setting up of two commissions of inquiry. On November 16, 1851, Bishop Brouillard solemnly established the cult of Our Lady of La Salette:  


We declare that the apparition of the Blessed Virgin to two shepherds, on September 19th, 1846, on a mountain in the Alps in the parish of La Salette, bears in itself all the marks of truth, and that the faithful are justified in believing, without question, in its truth. And so to mark our lively gratitude to God and to the glorious Virgin Mary, we hereby authorize the cult of Our Lady of La Salette.


The first stone of the great Basilica to be built at La Salette was laid on May 25, 1852.

The “Secret of La Salette” entrusted to Melanie, and later published amidst howls of rage from clergy everywhere, contains the following statement:


The priests, ministers of my Son, the priests, by their wicked lives, by their irreverence and their impiety in the celebration of the holy mysteries, by their love of money, their love of honours and pleasures, the priests have become cesspools of impurity. Yes, the priests are asking vengeance, and


vengeance is hanging over their heads. Woe to the priests and those dedicated to God, who by their unfaithfulness and their wicked lives are crucifying my Son again! The sins of those dedicated to God cry out towards Heaven and call for vengeance, and now vengeance is at their door, for there is no

one left to beg mercy and forgiveness for the people. There are no more generous souls: there is no one left worthy of offering a stainless sacrifice to the Eternal for the sake of the world.

                                God will strike in an unprecedented way.

                                Woe to the inhabitants of the earth!

                                God will exhaust His wrath upon them…


Was this “Secret” warning us of the clerical sexual abuse scandals so rampant today in the Church?


There can be no doubt concerning the authenticity of the La Salette apparition of Our Lady. But since the “Secret” confided to Melanie, by Our Lady, exposed the brutal truth about the wickedness of the Catholic clergy, it has been the same clergy who have sought, relentlessly, since 1846, to conceal, suppress, and utterly to obliterate any whisper of this “Secret.” The result is that, today, hardly anyone knows anything about it.


Melanie, to the end of her life was vilified, persecuted and endured unspeakable sufferings, mostly at the hands of clerics enraged by the words of the Secret. But in her last days, she became a genuine Stigmatist, and her tomb in Altamura in the south of Italy has become a shrine for the devout.


The Rite of Sodomy will, no doubt, initially cause massive distress among the faithful, but this distress will not be lasting, as the sincere and the devout in search of the truth behind the present worldwide decline into apostasy of the Catholic Church, (engineered by prominent heretics in very high places) will discover the TRUTH… and “the Truth will set them free.”


A day will come when the civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted. She will be tempted to believe that man has become God… In our Churches Christians will search in vain for the red lamp where God awaits them, like Magdalen weeping before the empty tomb, they will ask ‘Where have THEY taken Him?’”

                                                                                                    Pope Pius XII


                                The Church will be eclipse, and the world will be in



                                                                                Our Lady of La Salette

                                                                        September 19, 1846


“Eclypse” means “total darkness. This obviously applies to the state of the Church today. “The Great Apostasy,” long predicted, is here. It cannot be the “true Catholic Church” that is allowing, (and even promoting) these terrible scandals. It is the “Counterchurch” of the “one world vision” already in place.


As stated earlier in this review, author Randy Engel was, in the past, in the forefront of those fighting against one of the more obvious “cornerstones” of the Revolution instigated by the Second Vatican Council and its forerunners, the proliferation of the Sex Education in the schools, so aptly dissected and commented upon in Sex Education the Final Plague. Others, in the past, were equally aware of the disastrous nature of these courses, and joined their voices with hers.


For example, William A. Marra, Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University in New York, who co-authored “Sex Education: The Basic Issues,” with Dr. Deitrich von Hildebrand, wrote:


All these violations of intimacy are so serious, that sex education in schools, in a classroom, to a mixed group of varying emotional ages, would be an abomination, even if they were taught by perfectly tactful and absolutely pure teachers, and even if the content were not nearly so detailed as it is now. When we add the realistic facts about the inevitable imperfections in purity and tact, of the teachers; then we add the saturated twelve years of instruction, with no detail omitted, then we are sure that any sex education program in the schools is certain to be an outrage and a disaster of the first order!


Parents therefore are duty-bound to resist such an outrage. They must understand that they alone have the right to impart to their children both the necessary information about the origin of human life, and the far more important correct attitudes towards sex.


It has been stated earlier in this review, that there is a definite link between the clerical and hierarchical sexual scandals documented in The Rite of Sodomy, and the mandatory imposition in “the spirit of Vatican II” of the sex instruction courses previously discussed. The above quote is only one of many, made during the years when the outcries against these interferences into family jurisdictions went largely ignored by those in authoritative positions who could have done something about it, but did not. Chancery offices throughout the world remained in dead silence.

Another, and very important quote, is taken from the writings of Saint John Eudes, the 17th Century apostle of the Two Hearts:


The clearest sign of God’s anger and the most horrible punishment He can inflict upon this world is manifested when He permits His people to fall into the hands of clergy who are clergymen more in name than in deed.


                Can we conclude from the words of this famous missionary saint of the Catholic Church that the clerical scandals presently sweeping the world are part of a “horrible punishment”? Certainly human beings have co-operated in the train of events that allowed the errors and heresies of Vatican II to be implemented on a worldwide basis.

                And it was, remember, the Catholic clergy that buried the startling Secret of La Salette that condemned the priests of the time (and probably, in prophecy, the many today), as “cesspools of impurity.”


                Once again, it has been the same Catholic clergy who have tried to bury Fatima, probably the greatest apparition of Our Lady in the Church’s long history - an apparition which warned us of coming disaster, and which was authenticated by a miracle of Biblical magnitude, the Miracle of the Sun, seen plunging from the sky, and witnessed by a terrified multitude of 70,000 witnesses, on October 13, 1917.


Those members of the Church hierarchy who have read or know of the contents of the famous “Third Secret of Fatima” know that it was in no way the ridiculous story released in June of the year 2000. A certain unanimity of belief exists among the clerically knowledgeable who all agree that the Third Secret has to do with “the great Apostasy” which would “begin at the top.”


Where is the top?

The Papal Chair, of course.

And which of the Conciliar Popes is charged with being a practicing homosexual?

The reading of the final chapter of The Rite of Sodomy, devoted to the history of this individual, fits the final piece into the puzzle.